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Don’t Fall for These Myths That Keep You from Replacing Your Roof

Replacing your roof is a big decision that brings with it a great deal of reluctance. After all, who wants to spend thousands of dollars to do something that could possibly be put off? As a result of this fear, many Texans delay and delay and delay until they have a much more expensive problem to fix with additional structural damages to their homes or places of business. 

It’s important to understand the excuses we make justifying the decision to put off the inevitable. They only result in greater harm. So without further ado, here are the myths you have to stop believing. 

1. No Leaks, No Problems

Just because your roof isn’t leaking, that’s not a sign everything is on the up-and-up with its overall state of health. Too often we use a leak as the only tell-tale sign that something is wrong when there could be a wide number of other issues brewing. The best course of action is to get a roof inspection from a qualified professional. Of course, you’ll want to go with someone you can trust that has longevity in the industry and verifiable word-of-mouth. 

2. No Weather Events, No Problems

Another way homeowners fool themselves into thinking they don’t need roofing replacements: they look at the weather incidents of the past season, and if there weren’t any major events, they figure they’re good for another year. This, too, isn’t the case because it doesn’t account for seasons past or the age and quality of the roofing materials. Considering most Dallas area homes are not with their original owners, there’s a very good chance the average homeowner doesn’t know or has lost track of their roofs’ age and materials. That alone is the reason to give a professional a call. 

3. No Extensive Damage, No Problems

Many homeowners look at their roofs as all-or-nothing propositions. If there’s light damage but not extensive, they don’t see the point in getting work done. The thought is that roof repairs are so expensive, they’re not worth pursuing unless they can trigger the deductible on their home insurance policy. This isn’t a good way to look at it because it doesn’t take into account the cost of repairing now versus the cost of repairing later. 

Furthermore, a major claim to your policy could lead to elevated premiums for the foreseeable future. In other words, you’ll be paying for the deductible and extra for the roof for years to come. And it could all be avoided by staying on top of light repairs as they come to your attention. 

Avoid the Mythology

Don’t let the excuses and the myths keep you from taking the proper action with your roof. Call or contact us today for any help you might need in repairing, replacing, or maintaining your roof. 

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