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Charles & Angela Ansley

Josh Sutton, Territory Manager for Griffith Roofing, is extremely knowledgeable and professional. Josh filled out our Stonebriar Park HOA forms and got the City permit approved, then posted as required on our house. Josh used a High-Def drone to determine our roof damage and to suggest any additional vent placement—very impressive!

Workers showed up at 7 am each day of the roofing process. Workers were well mannered, neat, and dressed accordingly. The company uses permanent crews who are experienced men who know roofing and not hourly workers picked up just for this storm. They did a good job of protecting our putting green, grass, plants, and all windows on house where needed. The roofing crew used only 2-3 vehicles, thus not creating a parking problem around our house. Vehicles were all fairly neat and not beat up pickups.

Clean up after themselves and use a strong magnetic device over ground to make sure no nails are left in yard. The team used boards to slide down shingles and not throw them haphazardly in our yard. Noise is not bad enough to make you leave your house when they are using the nail gun on the roof.  We were very surprised at how tolerable the noise was inside.  The noise is actually much louder outside and reverberates more outside.  So we didn’t need to leave for the noise.  Could be how well our house is insulated or because it is a 2 story house?

Josh arranges all other contractors who need to do work such at gutter guys, chimney people, etc.  He oversees everything involved. Josh followed up EVERY day to make sure the job was going as planned and was there every step of the process.

Josh sent a “Thank you card” which was a final touch that had an aerial photo of our house being roofed in progress which was over and above anything most companies would do and we were very impressed with his card!

Best of all, we upgraded to Class 4 shingles (hail-resistance) which gave us a large discount on our annual homeowner’s insurance!

Overall, the re-roofing was easy to handle and go about our regular schedule and go in and out as needed.  The only inconvenience we had was to move our car out of the garage and in the street, which is minor.

We met the owner of the company at Legacy Christian Academys’ 8th grade graduation.  Then we had a lunch with him at the SB Country Club, and we were impressed with how he runs his company and him as a person and Christian.  Chubb Insurance recommended him to us as the best roofer they use, so the company came highly recommended.  Then we met Mark Griffith and we understood how much he values his reputation with his customers.

We were very satisfied!  We feel confident that our relationship with Griffith Roofing will be long term!

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