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What Are Synthetic Shingles, and How Can They Benefit Me?

Synthetic shingles, or synthetic slate shingles as they’re often referred to, have gained in popularity over the last few years for a variety of factors. The industry has had a lot of time to observe and adjust to the limitations of other more naturally-occurring materials. 

When developing a lab-based synthetic alternative, the experts know how to do it in a way that improves upon what’s come before while ensuring durability and longevity. But just how can these slate lookalikes — fashioned from plastic and rubber — benefit you, the home or property owner. Here are four ways. 

1. Class 4 Impact Rating

The Class 4 Impact rating is the highest distinction a roofing material can achieve. To achieve this rating, roofing materials are brutalized with a steel ball that replicates the average hail size. Multiple tests are performed, and if the material holds up on each one, it gets the distinction. That means your home will be better protected from damages. It also can control other costs we’re about to address. Namely…

2. Assistance with Your Homeowners Insurance

Class 4 Impact rating materials have been known to affect your homeowner’s insurance premium for the better. In fact, some estimates put the premium savings at as much as 30 percent. Provided you don’t file a lot of claims and can sustain the savings, that’s savings that will eventually allow the roof to pay for itself. Why? Because of…

3. Longer Life Expectancy and Warranties

Companies in the synthetic shingles business build their products to last, and they affix some pretty staggering warranties to back it up. Synthetic shingles have the ability to withstand for a full century. Even if it doesn’t make it that far, however, most companies offer a 50-year warranty, which, let’s face it, is longer than most of us will ever live in a single home. 

4. Easier Installation

Synthetic slate shingles have flexibility in installation you just won’t get from a typical slate shingle roof. As HGTV puts it (linked above), transportation and installation of this material are “easier and less expensive than other roofing materials” with synthetics being “lighter than all asphalt shingles and, at 1.25 pounds per tile, are only a quarter the weight of authentic slate shingles.” 

This lightness means “a standard roof structure can support synthetic slate shingles with no special reinforcement, making them practical for mainstream residential construction.” Furthermore, the installation process allows the shingles to be cut on the fly with a utility knife and nailed into place with a standard roofing nail and pneumatic nail gun, the site notes.

Try the same thing on the traditional slate. You’ll be replacing tiles right-and-left. 

Ready for Synthetic Shingles?

If you’re ready to stop worrying about when your roof might go out on you, give us a call or drop by the website today. We’ll answer all your questions, and we’re eager to help in any way we can. 

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