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What Is an Acceptable Timeline for My New Roof Installation?

A new roof installation is an exciting time, particularly if you’ve been touched by the hassles, cost, and annoyance of roof-related structural damages. Knowing your home will be properly shielded from the elements, and that more of your money will be staying with you in the years to come is a great feeling. 

But that anticipation can be clouded by the specter of how long it’ll take to get to and finish the job. Unfortunately, there aren’t any hard answers for how long it will take to complete an installation, but take heart: a reputable roofer will get to you as soon as possible, and they’ll do quality, completed work in anywhere from one to three days. It just depends on the following factors. 

1. Size of the Roof

A typical 1,500-square-foot home can finish out in one workday. A mansion (something three to four times that size) could take days. Size is the most glaringly obvious factor because it’s one of the few constants in the process.

2. The Complexity of the Installation

Bigger isn’t always harder. Some complex architectural structures are difficult to re-roof regardless of size. Of course, the larger a roof is — like this one in Saudi Arabia — the more opportunities it has to go crazy. Size and complexity will add even more days to the job, but the average homeowner is going to have guys like us out of their hair in less than a week. 

3. Quality and Quantity of Crew

Just as a bigger roof isn’t always harder to install, a larger crew isn’t necessarily a faster or more capable one. Experience, confidence, and training. That’s what you want in your roofing team. At Griffith Roofing, we’ve always believed in sending enough qualified workers to the job site to reach completion efficiently and effectively in 24 hours or less. If we get a sense a job will take longer than anticipated, we’ll do our best to dispense more team members to the project. 

4. Jobs in the Queue

It’s important to realize that roofing companies are made up of people just like you. We all have our limitations, and when the job queue is filled up, you’ve got to steel yourself for a long wait. You definitely want your team working on the installation as soon as possible, but being booked up isn’t a bad sign either. It demonstrates reputation. 

5. Weather Issues

There are conditions in which it’s not safe for the worker or the homeowner to continue working. Main scenarios would involve rain, hail, thunderstorms, or tornados. The key is to make sure your company can assure you when they’ll be back out to finish up before calling it a day. 

A New Roof Is Worth It

At day’s end, waiting a little longer to get a quality roofing contractor on the job is preferable to hiring inexperienced (and perhaps unqualified) contractors to “get it done ASAP.” Doing something — anything — wrong the first time leads to a whole host of headaches and problems. If you’d like to avoid those on your installation, contact us today.

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