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Why You Should Hire Professionals for Storm Damage Restoration

When storm season hits North Texas, your home’s roof can face a lot of damage. DFW is located in Tornado Alley and homes here are at high risk for damage being done to their exteriors in spring and summer months. After the rain passes, it may be tempting to try to quickly fix any problems by yourself, but what you really want to do is call in a team of professionals. No one will be able to deliver the same quality as Griffith Roofing when it comes to restoring your roof from storm damage. Our team is experienced and ready to bring safety back to Dallas-Fort Worth homes.

We’ll Know What to Look For

Though cosmetic damage will be easy to spot, an untrained eye will have a harder time finding the damage that is hidden. While the average person might see fixable problems, you could be ignoring the need for a full replacement! Working with a professional roofing contractor will ensure that these things are not missed. A roofing professional can spot things like thinning asphalt, loose shingles and hole formation that many might not see. If these are left unattended to, they can lead to further consequences such as a leak or a roof caving in.

We Have the Proper Tools

Safety is always important, and that is especially true when inclement weather is involved. Trying to get onto your roof to assess damage is not a great idea, as there is risk of falling off and getting injured. A professional team will know how exactly to get onto and maneuver the surface of a roof safely. Professionals will also have the highest quality materials and tools to repair or restore any damage that was sustained during a storm.

We Can Prepare You for Future Storms

The best way to save your roof from getting damaged during stormy weather is through preventative measures. Not only will roofing professionals be able to identify damage, they can provide advice on measures that will save your roof in the future. At Griffith Roofing, a part of our restoration services includes waterproofing your roof. We can also replace gutters and downspout to ensure they are ready to drain your roof in any other harsh weather.

Griffith Roofing: Restoring North Texas Homes Through Storm Season

North Texas residents know how intense the storm season can get. Once heavy rain or winds hit, you want to make sure your roof is attended to by skilled professionals. Hiring a professional team to work on your roof after storms pass through will ensure it receives expert inspections, restorations and preventative measures.

DFW homeowners can come to Griffith Roofing when you are in need of storm damage restoration. We value your time and safety, and you can see this in our long history in the community. Give us a call at (817) 440-7663 or visit our website to get set up with a consultation today. We have replaced over 3,000 roofs in the area, so let us take care of your home.

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