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Roofers in Dallas, TX

Roofers in Dallas, TX

Griffith Roofing proudly serves the entire DFW Metroplex, including the city of Dallas itself. We are honored to be Southlake’s most trusted roofing company, as well as an inductee into the Southlake Business Hall of Fame. Our team works hard to maintain the reputation for excellence we’ve earned in North Texas. We appreciate the support of each and every customer, and we go above and beyond to make sure every experience with us is a good one.

When your roof no longer looks or performs the way it should call us to schedule an inspection and top-quality roof repair services. For severe roof damage, repairs might not be enough, so we also perform roof replacements. Hailstorms and high winds blow through the DFW region every year, leaving a trail of damaged roofs in their wake. If yours is one of them, give us a call and we’ll have a crew member come and evaluate the damage right away!

The City of Dallas

Dallas is the “Big D” in the DFW Metroplex, and is the third-largest city in Texas, after Houston and San Antonio. More than 1.3 million people make their homes in the city of Dallas, with a total of 2.6 million residing in the cities that form Dallas County. Dallas is now the ninth-largest city in America, thanks to booming industries and a thriving job market. It makes up the eastern half of the Metroplex and lies about 30 miles east of Fort Worth.

Many groups have claimed ownership of Dallas throughout its history. It was once a part of Mexico, a colony of Spain, and a territory of the Caddo people. France also once claimed the territory but never built a settlement. Dallas, as we know it today, was established in 1841, after the Republic of Texas declared independence from Mexico. It was incorporated as a US city in 1856.

Dallas is now a major hub for the medical and tech industries, along with defense, telecom, superconductors, and financial services. It is a sports fan’s dream, hosting the Dallas Cowboys, Dallas Mavericks, Dallas Stars, and numerous golf tournaments, including the AT&T Byron Nelson. Visitors flock to Dallas for its world-class shopping and dining destinations. The city is served by the Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport, giving visitors easy access from all around the world.

Roofing Services in Dallas

They say that if you don’t care for the Dallas weather, just give it a moment and it will change. The weather here is notoriously fickle, but it can be especially volatile during the months of March, April, and May. That’s when North Texas experiences its storm season, a time of year when severe thunderstorms and tornadoes are at their peak.

Our team at Griffith Roofing has seen firsthand the devastation these storms can cause: holes in the roof from hail damage; missing shingles; downed tree limbs; and entire roofing sections caved in from flying debris. We understand how crucial it is to get this damage repaired as soon as possible, before water penetration causes more structural damage. That’s why we have one of the fastest response times you’ll find anywhere in the area.

Our Dallas roofing services include:

  • Emergency Roof Service
  • Roof Repair
  • Roof Replacement
  • Roof Teardown and Re-Roofing
  • Roof Upgrades
  • New Construction

If you require a roofing service that’s not listed here, just give us a call and we’ll be happy to do everything we can to meet your needs or put you in touch with someone who can. Customer satisfaction has always been our number one priority. We focus on our work quality and our customer service to make sure every customer is 100% satisfied with every job we do.

Need Roof Repairs? Call Griffith Roofing in Dallas, TX!

When severe weather rolls through your neighborhood, remember that we can assist you within 24 hours, no matter where you are in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. At Griffith Roofing in Southlake, TX, we’re always available to lend a helping hand. Whether you need a simple repair or an entire roof makeover, our team will get it done right the first time, always with a smile and a can-do attitude. Call us today to schedule a consultation!